Heather, TN

"The Benefit Analyst was a pleasure to work with, very prompt and always followed up."

Maria, MD

"Providing benefit statements for employees is vital in order for employees to understand that compensation is NOT just salary, it includes a multitude of other things. BeneSync made it very easy to produce these statements for employees in a way that is easily interpreted as well as aesthetically pleasing."

Valerie, TX

"I was very pleased with the flexibility and patience that BeneSync offered in the production of our statements. There were days that I thought they would scream if I had one more request, yet my rep always remained calm and helpful. We are very proud of teh statements we were able to give our employees because of BeneSync."

Mary, RI

"Great product. The process is very clearly explained, deadlines are met or exceeded and the final product is terrific. It is really nice to do business with a company that exceeds your expectations."

Leatta, MD

"The process was pain-free from the very beginning. The staff was very friendly and prompt in turning the drafts around. Our employees enjoyed viewing their statements and learning what their total compensation is. We are very pleased with our statements and the customer service we experienced. Keep up the great work!"

Patti, FL

"I found the BeneSync staff to be extremely flexible, available, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with."

Leslie, CA

"In these tight economic times, it is important to show staff the true value of their benefit and what the company actually spends to provide those benefits. I have received many positive comments from staff regarding their total compensation. Well worth the time to prepare."

Sommer, CA

"The level of customer service that I received was excellent."

Michelle, FL

"I was very satisfied with the quality of the benefit statements we received. Their excellent customer service also enabled the process to go very smoothly and allowed me to obtain all of my employees statements in a timely manner. I would recomment BeneSync to anyone."

Joan, FL

"BeneSync exceeded my expectations on producing a quality compensation statement. They were flexible accurate and reponded quickly. They worked with us to make sure our statement was professional and complete even helping us with the logic required to make the statement consistent. We were pleased and our employees were impressed with the detail provided to them."

Karen, FL

"BeneSync made the production of our total compensation statements as easy and painless as possible. They gave us a product that we are proud to pass to our employees."

Linda, FL

"We will plan to do this annually. We found your staff to be knowledgeable, repsonsive and extremely professional throughout this entire process. Our sincerest thanks for a good product and a GREAT rep to work with."

Sylvia, FL

"The process was very easy with minimal work on my behalf"

Andrea, GA

"Great customer service...keep up the good work."

Mac, VA

"Staff was extremely helpful and responsive to our needs"

Bobbi, CO

"The people at BeneSync were extremely easy to work with and made the whole process painless. We are very satisfied customers!"

Teresa, TN

"The statements were very professional and I was pleased with the entire process. The representative that worked with us to prepare the statements was wonderful."

Rosemary, TX

"The Benefit Analyst coordinated the process expertly. She was available to answer question whenever needed. The final product was excellent--easily understood by all employees regardless of their position."

Sarah, TN

"Using BeneSync made it so easy and they were very helpful and always courteous if changes needed to be made."

Kim, CA

"Benesync provided a vision tool for our employees so they understand the depth of benefits we offer them."

Frank, CA

"Your staff was very patient and helpful. In addition, you all did a great job on our Benefits Statements!"

Laura, CA

"A few years ago we provided similar statements to our employees that we had completed in-house. The time and cost we invested was vast. When we approached the subject this year, we knew there had to be an easier way and found the HiddenPaycheck product by searching the web! We were very impressed by their proposal process that the choice in selecting BeneSync was made very easy. The end product was a very professional total compensation statement with little time investment on our part and at a very reasonable price. We were very satisfied with the service, process and product offered by BeneSync."

Denise, DE

"I was very pleased with every aspect of this project from the initial contact to the phone interview to get needed information. I was amazed at how quickly the drafts were turned around to us. The email support had all our changes back to us within hours and our final product was sorted to make distribution to our Associates a breeze. Our Associates loved the graphics and how much detail the statements gave them. We were very pleased with the BeneSync product as well as the customer service."

Bob, FL

"You guys epitomize the concept of customer service. I do not know how you could improve."

Candace, FL

"Our employees love the statements. They began inquiring about them before we even began production. The statements are a great reflection on our HR department and the company. BeneSync produces an excellent product with exceptional service."

Denise, FL

"Statement quality is excellent"

Denise, FL

"The statements look great...very professional and printed on high quality paper"

Helen, FL

"Statements look great."

Jeannie, FL

"The staff was very knowledgeable an and professional. They answered questions quickly and never batted an eye whenever we had a change--and there were many of them!"

Jay, FL

"The staff was an absolute joy to work with. We plan on using you again next year."

Brenda, GA

"My initial response was why is your price so low...from the initial quote"

Ron, GA

"BeneSync was the most professional company to deal with I have encountered in quite sometime. They were quick, efficient, professional, courteous and very moderate in pricing. Their product is outstanding and I received it much sooner than anticipated"

Beth, IL

"This was our first experience with benefit statements and BeneSync made the whole process so easy and the final product was top notch. We’re excited to hand out the statements!"

Steve, IL

"All I can say is that you were very responsive to our needs and we ended up with a product that we really liked."

Valerie, IL

"Great Flexibility in what is shown / not shown on statements...Everyone was pleasant to work with - VERY responsive! Now a repeat customer, statements took even less time for BeneSync to prepare. The turn around was excellent and arrived in time for our open enrollment period. BeneSync is wonderful to work with."

Rick, KS

"We are very pleased with the service we receive and the overall product"

Liliana, ON

"The process of preparing the statements have been very successful, product is amazing and timelines are always met."

Tommy, KY

"We have been using BeneSync for several years; we are very satisfied with their service."

Sommer, LA

"Representatives were very helpful in assisting with the statements. I am very pleased with the service that I was given."

Allen, MD

"My production contact was incredible to work with. She worked with us till everything was just right. She always keeps us in mind with those details that made us look good when our employees received the statement."

Cathy, MD

"The employees really enjoyed seeing the benefit statement in color. They had no idea how much the company was contributing to their total compensation."

Donna, MD

"We were very satisfied with the quality and the turnaround time of the final product. Our information was in various formats and from different sources. The ability for BeneSync to accommodate that without additional charge was a real plus."

Bob, MI

"Required changes were made quickly and accurately"

Paul, NJ

"We are quite happy with the benefit statements produced by HiddenPaychecks. The process was easy to manage with their excellent support staff and the end result will go a long way in educating our employers on the value of their benefit plan."

Kathy, NY

"Even after the statements were completed Benesync was open to hear any comments. Benesync was able to Sort statements by union contracts for making management decisions."

Cindy, NC

"We contacted BeneSync, with a RUSH order. They were quick to respond and met the deadline they promised. They were easy to get along with and patient with us as we gathered information from many places."

Delores, NC

"Today benefits- ranging from vacation and health insurance- account for more than 1/3 of our payroll outlay. These benefits are not always recognized or valued by employees. HiddenPaycheck.com points out the value of these benefits for us and they are very easy to work with, very accommodating and flexible, all in a customer driven way"

Cynthia, NH

"They were excellent…We got wonderful feedback"

Jackie, NH

"Received very positive comments from employees."

Judy, NY

"BeneSync delivers a product that makes employee benefits easy for employees to understand. Their dedication to customer service and attention to detail are outstanding qualities. Thank you!"

Jane, OH

"Hi…I really like working with you and your Company. You guys are 1 organization that I can count on to do what you say you’re going to do! THANK YOU!"

Jayne, OH

"Your staff was extremely flexible and easy to work with. We made numerous data, calculation and format changes and"

Robert, PA

"Several Employees had responded favorably to the statements. The best was a manager who informed me that her people, when they opened the statement all exclaimed Wow. How’s that for an impact statement! Of course, my Wow was working with a professional at BeneSync who made this a very smooth process."

Ron, SC

"We received fantastic customer service from the staff at Benesync. The benefit letter that was produced from their efforts was by far the most visually appealing benefit letter that could be found anywhere for the price."

Bryan, TN

"BeneSync is a top-notch benefit statement provider that has great people to work with and excellent customer service."

Judy, TN

"BeneSync was flexible to work with and provided quick response time."

Linda, TN

"The online tools should cut down on administrative time as the employees who have access to Internet will be able to look up their benefit page and print their own forms. You guys did a great job with this."

Mary, TN

"Great product and outstanding customer service through every step of the process! From start to finish the BeneSync staff went all out to assist us and to make sure that we were happy with the finished product. I would highly recommend BeneSync to anyone contemplating a total compensation statement."

Russ, TN

"Your team has done an excellent job helping us through the online open enrollment process"

Wanda, TN

"It was a pleasure working with your account representative. She made the entire process as simple as possible for us and she was prompt and efficient at each step along the way in the project. I look forward to working with her again."

Billie, TX

"The overall process and experience with BeneSync has been very prompt and helpful"

Alison, TX

"The staff was very responsive, and I felt confident they would get the job done. When I called to ask for something, they always delivered."

Carolyn, TX

"Setup very user friendly…Staff great…very customer service oriented…"

Keri, TX


Kryss, TX

"The fact that this process went very smoothly without requiring a lot of Human Resources time is much appreciated. The product is very well done and is a valuable tool to help promote the hospital benefits to our staff."

Debbie, WV

"I am appreciative of the quick response to any of my questions or issue and the fast turnaround time for our information…I was pleased with the experience."

Alexa, SC

"Benesync is all about customer service! They are pleasant, efficient, and very accommodating. The representative I worked with made the whole process so easy and always had time for my questions and requests. I have not dealt WITH a vendor LIKE this IN quite a WHILE; will definitely recommend TO others."

Janet, MD

"I felt that the process and customer service was first class. Whatever request I made was accomodated. I felt the product was great and your rep was very helpful."

Michelle, MI

"We have used BeneSync for 2 years now - they offer exceptional customer service, along with a very comprehensive, easy to read product that has become a valuable recruiting and retention tool for our organization."

Michelle, TN

"We just completed our second year utilizing BeneSync to provide our Total Compensation Statements and could not be more pleased. They made the process as easy as possible and we have received favorable comments on the results."

Sheridy, WI

"BeneSync really makes the statements as painless as possible. Our staff shrank from 7 to 3 this year meaning more work and less time to focus on this project. The Benefit Statement Analyst was extremely patient and worked with whatever mess I sent her. They did a great job!"

Alexa, SC

"This the second year we have used Benesync and as usual, their customer service exceeds our expectations. The statements are professional in appearance and very much appreciated by our staff."

Joanne, MI

"BeneSync makes the process painless. Our Benefit Statement Analyst is very accommodating and always responds in a timely manner. She goes above and beyond and does her best to accommodate every request. It is a pleasure working with her."

Mary Jo, CA

"This is the second year that we have used BeneSync and our experience was as good, if not better. Our coordinator and the support staff were most responsive in the editing and production process. With their help we met our due date for this project. Our colleagues appreciate the polished and useful document we have provided with BeneSyncs help."

Gayle, WA

"Customer service was great. Our representative was always responsive and made the process quite easy."

Betsy, PA

"Our representative at BeneSync was very easy to work with. The statements are very professional in appearance and are appreciated by the employees."

Michelle, TX

"Benesyncs customer service is excellent. Our contact was extremely responsive, and it was a pleasure to work with her."

Michelle, TN

"We just completed our second year utilizing BeneSync to provide our Total Compensation Statements and could not be more pleased. They made the process as easy as possible and we have received favorable comments on the results."

Lori, CO

"Our representative at Benesync is knowledgable and very easy to work with. She is very customer-focused and works dilligently to ensure that the final product meets our needs."

Betsy, PA

"We have used BeneSync to produce our statements for the past 4 years. The production process has gone very smoothly each time. The benefits statements have been received positively by all levels of the organization."

Nellie, ON

"It was a pleasure working with Benesync. The process to produce our comp. statements was easy and the end result was perfect"

Skip, LA

"The process to create the statements was simple and straightforward. The staff was knowledgable and helpful every step of the way. And, the end product was exactly what we were looking for."

Mychelle, IA

"Our representative was great to work with and very accommodating. She made my first year with this program a pleasant one."

Rick, TN

"The entire process from beginning to end was easier than I anticipated. The support team walked us through each step and the statements were actually ready ahead of schedule. The Hidden Paycheck is a valuable tool in reminding our employees of their total compensation package."

Mary Jo, CA

"Working with BeneSync was a pleasure. My production coordinator and the support staff were quick to respond to our requests. They scanned our data for inconsistencies and pointed out anomalies, saving us from making serious errors on the benefit statements. The BeneSync team provided useful suggestions for format and layout; their experience was invaluable, as it was my first benefits statement project. The final product was handsome and our employees were happy with their statements."

Kristen, NJ

"I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how fantastic your employees are, which I am sure you already know. I have not worked with a more pleasant, enthusiastic, professional group of people in my 10 years working in HR. The benefit statement analyst is phenomenal and has such great follow through. Your programmers are very prompt in getting requested changes in place. In addition- their patience level is top notch! I do not know how many changes I had to make this year, but it was as if there was no problem at all! I attempted to use a benefit software company several years ago to do benefit statements and the process was ridiculous; we even had to download a specific program to fill in our information! This process was very confusing and time consuming and we didn’t have one specific person dedicated to our account. I appreciate the way your organization works and how efficiently they get things done."

Tovah, FL

"Our contact at BeneSync made producing the total compensation statements an enjoyable and fairly simple process. Her can do attitude and eye for detail helped us create effective, accurate and impressive total comp statements. Our employees were surprised to see the value of their total package and have a much more clear understanding of what goes into their overall compensation. Additionally--the statements look sharp and professional, are easy to understand and can be tailored to any organizations unique needs. Overall, the statements were a hit!"

Skip, LA

"We have used these services for two years. Both times the process has been smooth, professional and produced a high quality product."

Rick, TN

"The Hidden Paycheck is a valuable tool to use with our employees. It really helps them understand that their compensation is much more than just their paycheck. We have used it several years and the response from our employees is always very positive."

Alexa, SC

"Great service, professional product, well-received by employees!"

Tovah, CA

"Our total compensation statements have changed the way our associates look at their pay. It gives them a tangible thing to hold on to as a reminder of the great benefits we offer and the costs associated with those. They appreciate seeing their value in black and white and like to see how that value grows each year they get a new statement."

Alexa, SC

"We have been using HiddenPaycheck for several years now and each year the process get easier and easier. Their conscientious staff members are always on top of things. We could not be more pleased with the product."